Five years ago, Patrick, our CEO & Founder, started out with a mission to improve equitable wealth distribution and eradicate poverty. DUCATA came into being. At the foundation laid the idea that the financial system does not work for all in its current form, a new Fair Financial System is needed, and with that an entirely new and sound form of money: DUCA.

““It is a basic human right to have access to a sound currency and reliable financial infrastructure.”

Patrick Huisinga

DUCATA is enabling a future where financial democracy is not just a concept but a lived reality for individuals worldwide. Our endeavour is rooted in a commitment to innovation, quality, and the transformative potential of blockchain technology.

Our vision is bold and clear: to catalyse a shift towards social capitalism where financial freedom, stability, and equality are accessible to all. DUCATA is a response to the inadequacies of traditional financial systems, presenting DUCA; a Stable Value Asset that goes beyond the volatility and limitations of current FIAT and crypto currencies.

Empower people to securely grow and store their wealth,

protect it against depreciation and receive interest without risk.

Patrick Huisinga

At the heart of DUCATA is the aspiration to create an economic paradigm that serves the global community and the planet. We blend visionary thinking with pragmatic innovation, crafting products that deliver real social value without compromising quality or integrity. Our mission is to make this innovative vision a reality, providing a choice, an alternative financial system.

DUCATA is not just about creating another digital currency; it's about laying the foundation for an economic system that prioritises the well-being and prosperity of the global community. We are driven by the impact we can achieve, not by ownership or shareholder value. Our focus is outward—on contributing positively to the world—and inward, on fostering a culture of excellence and motivation within our team.

Join the DUCATA Community, change the world with us.