Patrick FINAL.png

Patrick Huisinga

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Patrick has 20+ years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, he is responsible for the vision behind DUCATA and its translation into products that are market fit. Patrick is an aspiring polymath, quality driven and focussed on innovation with a compass that is set on what is yet to come. 

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Richard van Wijk

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Richard has 25+ years of experience in IT, from full-stack development, architecture design, (cyber)security and fraud detection to cloud engineering. Richard is responsible for the technical implementation and realisation of products. Richard is a purist, quality driven and focussed on results.


Sander Claus

Chief Operating Officer

Sander is a seasoned entrepreneur with expertise in marketing, operations, and data-driven customer experiences. He excels as a results-oriented strategist, team leader, and growth coach. Sander's passion lies in delivering impactful results and leveraging data.


Svea Berlie

Head of Community

Svea is an experienced marketing & community professional, with an entrepreneurial mindset. She is a staunch advocate for equality, especially in the realm of finance. Her enthusiasm for DeFi not only benefits her personally but also fuels her vision of a more equitable world.


Maria Navarro

Business Development

Maria brings 5+ years of crypto and blockchain experience, complimented by a background in Business Administration. With a startup and scale-up background, she's adept in product management, project management, marketing, compliance, and operations.

Fabienne FINALE.png

Fabienne Mouris

Econometrician | Data Scientist

Fabienne's background is in Econometrics and Applied Mathematics. Fabienne is focused on discovering patterns in the data through the application of mathematical and econometric models, aiming to deliver the sound economic value of DUCA.


Victor de Graaff

Lead Scientist | Senior Data Scientist

Victor holds a PhD in Computer Science and has 10+ years of experience within large companies as a senior data scientist within a range of fields, including Finance, FMCG and corporate audit. Victor is data driven and does not compromise when it comes to delivering results.


Qijiong Jiang

Senior Blockchain Engineer

Qijiong has a bachelor's in Computer Engineering and a master's in Machine Learning. Qijiong is a seasoned software engineer with a broad experience in IT and has spent the last 5+ years on blockchain development specialising in DeFi, decentralised applications and smart contracts.


Enzo Evers

Smart Contract Developer | Formal Verification 

Enzo graduated with excellence at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in ICT, focussing mainly on Embedded Systems. Enzo is specialising in smart contract development, where his primary interest is applying mathematical models to code and formal verification.


Rick van Melis

Smart Contract Developer

Rick graduated with excellence at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in ICT, focussing mainly on software development and Innovation. Rick is passionate about Web3 and test-driven development to deliver sound and safe smart contracts.


Jasper Verbeet

Front-end Developer | UX/UI Design

Jasper graduated with excellence at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in ICT, focussing on user experience and front-end development. Jasper started programming at the age of 12 and loves creating the best user experiences with a strong emphasis on front-end development.

Profile Natalia.png

Natalia Nowakowska


Natalia is a senior copywriter and communication consultant with 8 years of experience in the crypto industry. Natalia has a scientific background in Pharmacology and Biomedical Sciences and likes to apply a similar level of inquisitiveness and critical thinking to her writing.

Sadri profile .png

Sadri Sali

Head of Legal | MLRO

Sadri's expertise in Crypto & Blockchain regulations positions him to navigate EU crypto regulations effectively. Committed to legal ethics, Sadri operates with integrity, leading the way in regulatory compliance and harboring trust and understanding throughout the blockchain space.


Antonia Eilander

Head of Tax

Antonia is a leading expert in International Taxation & Regulation of Crypto Assets, and has 15 years experience as international corporate and tax lawyer. She has managed tax technology and blockchain projects for both Fortune 500 companies and tax authorities.