Vice President of Engineering

Hybrid (Utrecht)


The Role

We are seeking a seasoned individual to lead the engineering, IT development and implementation of a suite of web3 solutions for products that support decentralization and build a bridge between banking and the DeFi ecosystem. 

These products aim to drive innovation in the web3 space and facilitate widespread adoption of crypto and DeFi. Your responsibility is to ensure that our products are technologically advanced, efficient, secure, and compliant with both internal and regulatory standards, while also aligning with the company's strategic and technical vision.


We Need You To

  • Advise on technology trends, developments and opportunities, 
  • Set up a technology development strategy, 
  • Build from scratch and lead the development teams, 
  • Drive the development and implementation of applications that grow our user base, 
  • Develop a technological architechture around our vision and decentralized stable value asset DUCA towards a new economic paradigm, social capitalism & financial democracy, 
  • Deliver tangible results through quality products.

Why Join?

DUCATA is not just about creating another digital currency; it's about laying the foundation for an economic system that prioritises the well-being and prosperity of the global community. At DUCATA we believe YOU are the core of our society, and everyone deserves an honest chance to participate, financially and socially. 

Be part of the founding team, join the DUCATA community, change the world with us. 


Ready to change the world with us?